The Diabetes & the Eyes Educational Toolkit offers educational materials on diabetes and the impact of diabetes on eye health in both English and Spanish. These educational resources are intended for healthcare professionals, community health educators, diabetes educators, and anyone in a caregiving or diabetes education role.

The English version of the educator course and the factsheets have received Favorably Reviewed Approval from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).


Funding for development of these materials was provided by:

The Allergan Foundation

Diabetes & the Eyes Educator Course

Diabetes & The Eyes PowerPoint Presentation

The course equips health educators with important patient education messages about diabetes-related eye disease and strategies for maintaining healthy vision.  It provides education about diabetes-related retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataract, methods for preventing vision loss and promoting vision preservation. Designed to educate individuals living with diabetes as well as populations at highest risk for developing diabetes, the course includes a PowerPoint presentation, a script, pre-post test, and course evaluation form.

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Diabetes & Your Eyes Factsheets

Diabetes & Your Eyes Infographics

These images can be used in social media and media communications to educate patients and the public. When using these infographic, please post messages with #VisionandDiabetes in English infographics and #VisiónyDiabetes with Spanish infographics. Click the thumbnail images below to display the full-sized infographics. Right-click the full-sized infographics to download them for sharing on social media.

Diabetes & The Eyes - Infographics (English)

Diabetes Infographic - 1 in 30 people Diabetes Infographic - Know Your ABCs 

Diabetes infographic - Your Body Diabetes Infographic - How Eyes are Affected

Diabetes infographic - Cataract Risk Diabetes infographic - Diabetic Retinopathy Risk

Diabetes infographic - Leading Cause of Bindness Diabetes infographic - Retinopathy Risk Factors

Diabetes infographic - Staying Healthy Diabetes infographic - Retinopathy Symptoms


La Diabetes y los Ojos - Infografía (en español)

Diabetes infographic 1 (Spanish) Diabetes Infographic 2 (Spanish)

Diabetes Infographic 3 (Spanish Diabetes Infographic 4 (Spanish)

Diabetes Infographic 5 (Spanish) Diabetes infographic 6 (Spanish)

Diabetes infographic 7 (Spanish) Diabetes infographic 8 (Spanish)

Diabetes infographic 9 (Spanish) Diabetes infographic 10 (Spanish)


Diabetes & the Eyes Resources

These resources are designed to support individuals living with diabetes and help them gain access to eye care that they require to maintain healthy vision.  The resources describe common barriers to eye care, ways to navigate the healthcare system, the intricacies of health insurance and eye care, and an overview of eye care assistance resources.

Diabetes-related Retinopathy (English)

Diabetic Macular Edema (English)

Health Insurance and Your Eyes (English)

Vision Care Financial Assistance Information (English and Spanish)

Healthy Living, Healthy Vision (English)